• (540) 674-1677
  • contact@newriverresourceauthority.org
  • 7100 Cloyds Mountain Road, Dublin, VA

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Citizens transporting material to the collection site are requested to prepare the material using the following tips:


  • Tighten caps and lids
  • Leave materials in original containers
  • Sort and pack separately: oil paints,
  • pesticides & household cleaners
  • Place containers in sturdy upright boxes and pad with newspaper
  • NEVER MIX CHEMICALS or SMOKE while handling hazardous materials
  • Leaking container needs to be placed in a leak proof bag or container when transported (do not mix items)

The Collection crew will unload the material. You won’t even have to get out of the car. It’s as simple and safe as that!

Any questions on what material will be accepted may be directed to:

  • New River Resource Authority 674-1677 or
  • www.newriverresourceauthority.org
  • City of Radford 731-3631
  • Town of Dublin 674-4798
  • Pulaski County P.S.A. 674-8720
  • Giles County P.S.A. 921.2499
  • Town of Blacksburg 961-1806
  • Town of Christiansburg 382-6128
  • Montgomery Regional Solid
  • Waste Authority 381-2820

Items that may be accepted

  • From the workbench:
    • oil paint
    • stains & varnishes
    • wood preservatives
    • paint strippers & thinners
    • solvent adhesives
    • lighter fluid
    • dry cell batteries
  • From the garage:
    • fuels gasoline, kerosene, diesel
    • propane containers 1 lb. Or smaller
    • antifreeze
    • engine degreaser
    • brake fluid & carburetor cleaner
    • transmission fluid
    • car wax & polishes
    • driveway sealer
    • roofing tar
    • swimming pool chemicals
    • wet cell batteries
  • From the yard:
    • poisons, insecticides, fungicides
    • chemical fertilizers
    • weed killers
    • moth balls
    • flea control products
  • From the house:
    • rubber cement, airplane glue
    • fiberglass resins
    • photo chemicals
    • furniture polish
    • floor & metal polish
    • oven cleaner
    • drain & toilet cleanser
    • spot remover
    • rug & upholstery cleaner
    • hobby supplies, artist supplies
    • florescent lights
  • What Not To Bring
    • commercial, industrial or agricultural waste
    • radioactive waste
    • smoke detectors
    • infectious or biological waste
    • ammunition, fireworks, explosives
    • fire extinguishers
    • prescription medicines, syringes
    • propane containers larger than 1 lb.
    • asbestos
    • animal carcasses
    • products containing freon
    • empty trash containers


Scott Recycling will be at event to accept these items.

  • Electronic Recycling
    • computer monitors
    • central processing units
    • printers, scanners
    • television sets
    • cell phones

Handling and disposing of hazardous materials such as paint, oil, antifreeze, automotive batteries and rechargeable batteries occur daily. To assist with the elimination of the storage of this material the disposal sites for each type of waste material are noted below for your use.

Please call the collection center to confirm hours of operation.

  • Used Motor Oil
    • Auto Zone
    • Advance Auto

Rechargeable batteries may be recycled at Radio Shack additional sites may be found on the web at www.rbrc.org , Recycle Your Rechargeable Batteries web site.

Latex paint may be disposed of with your normal household waste when dry. Mix the unused paint with cat litter or sawdust before disposal.

Free flowing liquids such as oil, antifreeze and paints are not acceptable for disposal.

No Commercial Waste will be accepted